DIY Room Spray…..

Some of you caught my last post on Homemade Body Splash.  My recipe for DIY Room Spray is very similar and even easier!  Room Spray is a beautiful thing-No matter how clean you are sometimes that musty smell just happens.  Whether it’s kids, pets, husbands, last nights dinner or just a mysterious smell your house seems to emit, everyone needs room spray!

You might wonder why I don’t just use FeBreeze and call it a day?  Well, FeBreeze along with Lysol is jam packed full of toxins.  They absolutely are harmful to your health and should never be used.  The picture below from Step Into My Green World sums up the evils of commercial room sprays.

Most store bought brands of air freshener have such a strong smell that all they do is cover up odors.  When using essential oils, you not only will freshen up the smell in the room but you can actually clean the air.  Using oils such as Lemon, Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus helps to kill airborne bacteria quite effectively.  Several popular essential oil companies have come out with their own version of these oils meant for diffusing and protecting against illness and contagious diseases.  The blend I prefer is Spark Naturals Shield.  I use this in my room spray during the winter months to ward off sickness.  I spray it all over each room.  Especially when one of us is sick.  I believe it not only helps contain the sickness to one person but it also strengthens the immune system of the sick. 

I also love just plain Lavender.  Lavender is amazing.  The calming effect it can have blows my mind!  I love to spray it in my daughter’s rooms to help calm them, especially near bed time.  I spray it on our linens during the week.  I spray it on the carpet and furniture as well.  I like to keep a small spray bottle in my car for long car rides.  It really does relax everyone and curbs the “are we there yet” to a minimum! 

A peppermint spray is also a great room freshener.  Peppermint helps to awaken and sharpen the mind and can clear brain fog.  It helps keep you alert and comes in handy when things need to get done in a timely manner!

So, you have my recommendations for a lovely room spray so let’s get to the recipe!


1 cup of water
1 TBSP Witch Hazel or Vodka
20-30 drops Essential oil
Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake before each use!  

This recipe is super easy and very effective.  Remember to use quality essential oils that are Pure Certified and steam distilled to ensure effectiveness.  As mentioned above, I prefer Spark Naturals.  Use the promo code jenniraincloud for a 10% discount.

**Be cautious when spraying on leather furniture.  I have always sprayed leather furniture with my room spray and had no issues, but some have not been so lucky.** 


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